You already know you are going to take a honeymoon because there’s no question you want some extra time to relax after the craziness of a wedding. And now you already have an idea of where you want to go, so next thing to do is actually get started planning!

When should we start planning?

As soon as you decide on the location, it’s a good idea to start keeping an eye on airfare costs. Set a travel alert to your top destination picks so you can get notified if a good price comes along. It’s ideal to start looking at the six to eight months out time frame. It will reduce stress as the wedding gets closer to check one more thing off your list early, rather than waiting until the last minute.

How do we plan this on top of a wedding at the same time?

Wait a second. Not only do you have to worry about wedding planning but now you have to plan a honeymoon on top of it? We get it, that doesn’t sound fun. Your best bet is to use a travel agent to help you with your honeymoon planning. One less thing on your plate to worry about. If you’re up for taking it on yourself, just make sure you manage your time appropriately, ask for help when you need and figure out a way to keep stress to a minimum. 

When should we actually go?

Typically, couples will go on their honeymoon right after the wedding. If you have a Saturday evening wedding, then a Sunday afternoon flight is the most ideal. You’ll want to avoid something in the early morning if you can because the last thing want to do the morning after your wedding is rush to get up to get to the airport. It’s not uncommon to even wait an extra day or two after the wedding to spend some extra time with your family if they are staying from out of town. 

If staying on budget is important, having flexibility in your travel days may help you save some. A Tuesday morning flight might be cheaper than a Sunday afternoon flight. Or if you are dead set on a trip to the Greek Isles, but the month after your wedding is significantly cheaper than right after your wedding, nothing says you can’t wait a little extra time to afford your dream destination. 

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