While many wedding ceremonies follow a similar order of events, you can make your wedding ceremony unique based on traditions you incorporate.



This is definitely a more traditional addition to a wedding. In its most traditional use, an usher escorts female guests to their seats on the correct side of ceremony seating. With seating “sides” less common today, an usher isn’t necessarily needed. Instead, an usher’s role can evolve into a program attendant, or even simply a greeter. Regardless of the actual actions of an usher, they are a great way to incorporate someone special to you that you might not have had a spot for in your bridal party.


Bride Escort

Everyone is used to the tradition of a father escorting the bride down the aisle. While that might be a tradition you want to carry on, you can also change it up. You can choose to have both your parents escort you down the aisle or even another person, aside from a father, who has played a major role in your life. Or consider making the walk alone!



If you choose to incorporate readings into your ceremony, you can go with something traditional, like Corinthians, or you can change it up with something more untraditional. Choose your favorite poem or an excerpt from your favorite book. Readings are also another great way to incorporate important people in your life that you want to honor but aren’t necessarily a part of your bridal party.



It’s always a tradition to exchange vows to one another during the ceremony, but what you say during those vows changes from ceremony to ceremony. You can choose to recite traditional vows,or you can write your own vows to exchange.


Unity Ceremony

There are so many different options of unity ceremonies to incorporate into your wedding ceremony. In short, a unity ceremony represents combining two families in to one.


Rose Ceremony

Often times, the moms of the couple don’t play a large role in the wedding ceremony, despite the large role they played in the couple’s life. A rose ceremony is traditionally a way to honor the mothers.



Many brides choose to wear a veil and incorporate a more modern use of the old tradition. Still, sometimes a bride will choose to wear the veil over their face (known as a blusher) as they walk down the aisle and the unveiling of the bride at the end of the aisle, before the handoff, becomes a special part of the ceremony.


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