As if the wedding isn’t celebration enough on its own, there is a whole slew of events that typically lead up to wedding day. One of the most iconic being the bachelor and bachelorette party. Thanks to “The Hangover,” everyone is now familiar with what a bachelor party is, but hopefully yours isn’t filled with tigers, police stations and babies!

So, what exactly makes up a bachelor or bachelorette party? How does it get planned and who is supposed to go? Where are you supposed to go and when? Let us tell you!


Usually your maid of honor or best man will step up to plan your party. If for some reason they aren’t able to take on the responsibility, like maybe your maid of honor is your younger little sister or your best man is a CPA and its tax season, your bridal party members should step up to the plate to help with the planning. 

You don’t want the group taking a shot in the dark with the planning, so it’s important to sit down with whoever is leading the charge and lay out the basics. Let them know your ideal spot(s) and some weekends that you have available. Let them know if you want a surprise or if you want to help make some decisions along the way. But try to sit back and let them take the reins!


Let whoever is in charge know who should be invited. Aside from the bridal party, the bachelor/bachelorette party is a great event to extend the guest list to close friends you may not have included in your bridal party but want to do some extra celebrating with!


Unlike the movie, we don’t recommend hosting this party the night or two before your wedding. That’s just asking for not only a literal hangover, but more stress. You won’t be able to fully enjoy it because you’ll be so focused on the wedding. 

The sweet spot is about a month or two before the wedding. That gives you plenty of time to recover, but it’s still close enough that the excitement won’t die down. 


The location is solely dependent on the vibe you are going for. If you’re looking for something more relaxing, the beach is an obvious choice but if you are a partier, you’ll probably want to pick a lively city. 

When you are deciding on a location it’s always nice to keep in mind costs and travel required. If most of your friends live in the city where your wedding is, their wedding travel costs are probably minimal so they might not mind spending a little more traveling to an exotic location for the celebration.

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