There are quite a few celebratory events leading up to wedding day, one of which is the bridal shower. It’s a little less rowdy than your bachelorette party but is still good reason to grab a mimosa and celebrate with some of the closest ladies in your life!


A bridal shower is typically planned by one of the closest ladies in your life. Sure, it could be your maid of honor, but more often than not it is a close female family member or friend that is not a part of your bridal party. This person is likely someone who has seen you grow up and wants to honor you in some way during this exciting time in your life.


The guest list for a bridal shower usually extends beyond your bridal party into close family members and friends. While tradition has it that the bridal shower is a female only event, lately they have evolved into a coed event. The wedding is about the couple after all! 


Just like with the bachelorette party, a bridal shower is usually within a month or two of the wedding. Not too close to the wedding to cause any added stress, but not too far away that everyone will lose excitement from the event. 

With an all women event, a Saturday or Sunday afternoon is more common, while the coed shower is usually more of a Saturday cocktail event. 


The location of a bridal shower varies and is really up to the host. More often than not it ends up at someone’s house for a more intimate feel. It’s also a little less costly and other people can help out and contribute toward set up, food and drinks. Not to say that restaurants, clubhouses or country clubs aren’t common hosts to bridal showers. 

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