You’ve found “the one,”now it’s time to find the “other one.”We’re talking about your wedding dress! You’ve probably pictured yourself in that amazing white dress walking down the aisle dozens of times. But the question is how do you find the dress that is “the one?”

First things first, you have to make a dress appointment. Once you’ve made that appointment what should you be doing between now and that appointment? Michelle Miller and Lindsey Principi Of Maddison Row talk us through how you should prep for that appointment. 


Like most wedding planning to-dos, the first thing you need to know before going to that initial dress shopping appointment is your budget.

“It's really important when you set your appointment, before you go into your appointment to set your budget,”explained Michelle and Lindsey. “You don't want to try on dresses that are out of your price range, then you're always comparing to that gown or you just can't have that gown, and you're never happy.”


Once you know your budget, you want to start looking for inspiration. When you get to your initial appointment, you will likely have a consultation with the stylist so they can get a feel for what you think you are looking for. Without any pictures or ideas, your stylist won’t know how to pick dresses for you to try on. 

Aside from Bustld’s real weddings, you can gather inspiration from all the usual place. Pinterestand Instagram offer inspiration for you to save and bring with you to that first appointment.

“Doing your research is really important,”Michelle and Lindsey said. “Look on Pinterest, bring some images in, have some ideas in your mind of details and silhouettes that you like, just so you have a starting point.”


You don’t really need much before your first shopping appointment. Unless you are the “buy the shoes and match the outfit later”kind of girl, you will likely buy most of your accessories after you picked out the dress. 

However, if you are Spanx girl, it might be helpful to bring those with you to the appointment so you can get a feel for how certain dresses fit with those on. You also might want to bring a strapless bar and a regular bra with you so you can also feel how dresses fit with those, however many dresses now a days will have built in cups!

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About This Week’s Guests: Michelle Miller and Lindsey Principi of Maddison Row South have 20 years of combined experience in helping brides find their perfect wedding dress. After several years of helping brides single handedly, they joined forces to create the most unforgettable experience for brides while shopping for their gown. Their combined experience has allowed them to help every bride find a gown and make sure it is perfect for their big day.  

Photo Courtesy of Maddison Row South