Looking your best on wedding day not only depends on the beauty steps you take the week of your wedding, but also making sureyour attire is on point. That requires some extra prep during wedding week!

The week of your wedding, you’ll want to make sure your dress or your suit fits perfectly. Even if it fit a few weeks ago during your last fitting, try it on again once more a few days before the wedding. This will eliminate any day of freak outs because something happened to fit differently. This is especially important for anyone who rents a suit or tux. Listen to us loud and clear –try your rental on as soon as you get it!

Aside from one final fitting, you’ll want to make sure your dress is steamed, and your suit is ironed. Don’t steam or iron too early in the week, in fact don’t steam or iron until you get to the final destination where you will be getting dressed. Sticking a dress or suit in a garment bag and putting it in the car is bound to create some additional wrinkles, so no sense in having to steam or iron twice!

Often couples are so focused on their suit or dress that they forget about their shoes! You don’t need to do a final fitting with your shoes, your feet don’t usually change size, but you will want to break your shoes in by wearing them around the house a few times. This will also make sure you are comfortable in them and not scrambling wedding day to find another option.

Before you put on your dress or your suit, you’ll need something to wear while you get ready. If you are having your hair done, it’s important to make sure you wear a shirt or a robe that you can easily get on and off without interfering with your hair.

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Photo Credit Dianne Personett Photography