Why is it so important to decide on your budget, especially, in the beginning? Because budget determines everything! It determines if you're having your wedding at the nicest place in town or if you need to go outside of town to find the perfect place for you.


While it’s not a fun conversation, it’s something you definitely want to have with your significant other and anyone else contributing to the wedding before you get too far in to planning and completely bust your budget


To build a budget, you want to make sure that you prioritize what’s important to the two of you.


Follow these quick easy steps to prioritize your budget:


  1. List out every category of vendor that will be paid for from the main wedding budget
  2. List out every expense that you can think of that will be paid from the main wedding budget (don’t forget these!)
  3. Ask everyone who is contributing to the wedding to rank the most important expenses to the least important
  4. Average out the rankings and make sure you and partner agree with the final rankings
  5. Do your research! Find out what the local averages are so you can be clear about expectations of your budget.
  6. Revisit your priority list as you book vendors so you don’t overspend in areas that are less important to you.


Once you’ve prioritize, set expectations of what that means for your budget. Do you need to compromise on the guest count or the venue location to make room for your amazing photographer? Or maybe the look will be a little less Pinterest-y and a little more DIY so you can serve top shelf liquor.


Then do your research. Find out what are the averages are in your city by asking your friends and family or talking to vendors.


See more of our budget tips below!


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Photo Credit: Amanda Moss Photography