After you’ve decided to propose and you’ve picked the perfect spot, now it’s time to decide who to include for that big moment. There are pros and cons of both a private proposal and a more public proposal. Let’s break it down.


Private Proposal

If you decide to go with a private setting, you could still include your family and friends after the event. Plan to do a private proposal just the two of you and then when you get home or when you go out to dinner to celebrate,have all your friends and family waiting there to celebrate with you!



  • It’s an intimate moment that the two of you can share alone.
  • There is no pressure of having all eyes on you.
  • No concern about PDA because, well, you’ll be alone.


  • If you want pictures or video, you have to have someone hiding and quality could be compromised.
  • After it’s over you’ll want to celebrate but might not be able to get ahold of anyone to celebrate with.


Group Proposal

If you decide to go with a group setting, make sure you include those who are most important to you, your immediate family and closest friends. If you invite one partner’s family, it’s common courtesy to invite the other partner’s family.



  • You can have someone openly taking pictures or recording.
  • All your familyand friends will be right there, so you don’t have to worry about making any immediate phone calls.
  • Your familyand friends will feel honored to have been part of such a special moment.


  • If public speaking makes you nervous, you’ll have to face those fears.
  • You’ll want to hug and kiss after the big moment, but you might not be a PDA person.
  • More people and logistics to control to ensure it all goes smooth.


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