The groom isn’t the only one who gets to do the proposing! Once you’ve got that ring on your finger, it’s now your turn to ask a big question to someone (or a few someones) who matter most. 


Okay, okay, it’s not quite as big of a deal or as big of a life changing moment but kick off the wedding festivities right and ask your bridal party to be a part of your big day in style. These are some of the most important people in your life, and you are asking them to be a part of one of the most important days of your life, so make it count!


First and foremost, you have to pick your bridal party. Decide who you want to stand up there next to you as you vow to love and cherish the person you chose to spend forever with. These should be people who are most important to you, people who have been through good times and bad, seen you at your best and your worst. It’s important to remember, you aren’t obligated to choose someone because they are family or because you were in their wedding, make the decision you want to make.


Once you’ve decided the who, then move on to the how. 


Are all your ladies local? Plan a get together at a local brewery, wine shop or your favorite restaurant and surprise them in person. Set up a little gift at each seat and have them all open it at the same time. Or even something a little more casual and invite all the girls over for a girls night.


Really looking to make a statement and give them some much needed love and attention? “Propose” to each girl at your engagement party! Grab yourself a few ring pops and put yourself in the groom’s shoes for a minute, get down on that knee and pop the question!


Not local? No problem! Mail each person a little care package with a note asking the big question.


Now, what kind of gift or goodies should you include in your gifts or packages? We recommend something to eat, something to drink and something to keep! Something like chocolates are perfect, because what girl doesn’t love chocolate?! Include a mini bottle of champagne or wine, or even their favorite spirit. 


For the something to keep, something they can use on wedding day is always fun. You could do an engraved wine glass or champagne glass for morning getting ready mimosas or a set of earrings or bracelet for everyone to wear on wedding day. 


Last but not least, don’t forget a note! You can go traditional with a handwritten heart-felt note on a cute card that already has printed “will you be my bridesmaid” or you can go completely quirky with a small puzzle they have to put together that will reveal the question. 


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Photo Credit: Alyssa Frost Photography