We get it; at some point the wedding budget is going to be tight and that fleeting thought is going to cross your mind … maybe I could save money if I have my friend take the role of ____(fill in the blank).

Our advice to you? Dismiss that thought and book a professional wedding vendor! Would your rewire your entire house without the help of a professional electrician? Most likely, the answer is no. Since you’ve (most likely) never planned a wedding, you will also need the help of professionals to guide you along the way.

Here are our top-six reasons why we think it is important to hire a Charlotte wedding professional for your creative team:

1.   Experience

Bad weather causes a power outage? Your planner knows what to do. Roses don’t show up the day before your wedding? Your florist knows what to do. Bad lighting in your venue? Guess what, your photographer has you covered.

With years of experience, they have seen it all and know exactly how to be prepared for plan B, C or D (just in case!). 

2.   Peace of Mind

With a professional vendor on your creative team, you can relax knowing they know exactly what to do and when to do it. They’ve done this dozens, if not hundreds, of times giving you the peace of mind that everything will go right.

3.   Accountability

This is a profession for your wedding vendor so they will be held 100 percent accountable for how they perform, week in and week out. Not only do couple reviews (such as the ones on our site) shape their potential for new business, but so do reviews from other vendors. That means they will be put to the test every wedding. That’s some serious accountability!

4.   Pulse on the Trends

Not sure what’s in and what’s out, what looks good to together or what’s against etiquette? That’s OK. As Charlotte wedding professionals, your creative team can make all of these recommendations and more because it’s their job to be on top of the trends.

5.   They're Not a Guest

It doesn’t matter how great your aunt is at taking photos. At some point, she is going to want to be a guest at your wedding. That means that amazing hi-tech camera she has? Yeah, it is going to be sitting on the table, not taking photos of you and your girls dancing the night away.

A professional vendor is on-site the day of the wedding to be just that … a professional. They won’t be drinking, dancing or focused on joining the party. They will be there to work hard and make sure you have exactly what was promised to you from the moment the day starts to the moment it ends.

6.   They Listen to You

Want to talk about your wedding non-stop? A professional wedding vendor is here to listen. They never get tired of talking weddings (unlike a friend!).

In addition, they are here to make you happy so if you want something done one way, they will listen to you and make it happen.

Remember, no matter your budget there are always Charlotte wedding vendor professionals that will fit your budget. You can’t afford not to have them!

*Photo courtesy of Old South Studios | Venue Credit: The Ballantyne Hotel