Whether it be a birthday or Christmas, gifts are always a fun thing to get. There’s no hiding the fact that everyone loves gifts and it’s even better when you get a gift you actually wanted! That’s where a wedding registry comes in. Weddings are usually an event people will bring a gift to and a wedding registry is something that will help your guests know what to get you. Let’s highlight the basics!


Why register

We kind of just touched on this. A registry will give your guests a list of what you actually want. Sure, you may already have dishes and towels and think there’s nothing else you want, but we highly suggest still creating a registry. There are certain people, usually the older guests, who enjoy picking out an actual household item or gift other than money and at least with a registry, they will be given some direction. Otherwise, you may end up with a ton of useless gifts like a crystal vase and you don’t ever buy flowers. If there’s not much “typical” registry stuff you want like home good and kitchen tools, consider a unique registry instead. At least this will still give your guests a direction on what kind of gift you want. 


What to register for

There are a ton of different things you can register for. There are the normal household items and then the more non-traditional registry items. To cover the norm, start with your basic kitchen items – pick out everyday china, flatware, drinkware, pots and pans, cooking utensils, baking utensils, bakeware, knifes. Then move into your more specialty kitchen items like platters and china, wine glasses and barware, skillets and Dutch ovens. Then, pick out small appliances like a crock pot, toaster oven, mixer, blender and waffle maker. To wrap things up, if there are any other household items, it is common to add things like bathroom accessories and shower curtains, towels and sheets, comforters and pillows. Really anything that helps make your house a home. 


When to go

If you plan to have an engagement party, you might want to register for the bare minimum before the party. While it is not expected that people will bring a gift, it is not uncommon for someone to bring one, so it is helpful to at least have your registry started. Otherwise, definitely register at least a month or two in advance of your bridal shower. 


Where to go

It’s best to register with at least one brick and mortar home goods store chain. A store that you can easily go into, but also a store that your out of town guests can go into. That would be something like Bed, Bath and Beyond, Crate and Barrel or a department store. If you are more of an online person, Amazon can be a great online registry tool, but remember you will also have some guests who enjoy going into the store and picking out something in person. 


How to share

So now that you’ve created your registry, you need to let your guests know where you registered! Include a page on your wedding website for registry information and direct guests to your website. Include a details card in your invitation suite directing guests to your wedding website for more information and they will see it there (etiquette recommends not including actual registry information on your invitation!). Also, be sure to share your registry information with your maid of honor or whoever is throwing your bridal shower, so they can share that information with the invitees for that (and it is ok to include on this invitation!).


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