Now that you know all the basics like when and where to register and what to put on your registry, we’re here to spill some registry secrets! Okay, maybe not secrets but hopefully some tips you will find helpful as you are doing your registry.


Price Points

Make sure you register for items at all different price points. We’re talking things that range from the $5 measuring cup to the $500 high end pots and pans set, and everything in between. This will give guests a wide variety of choices and make sure there are options for all different budgets. 


Update It

Every now and then, go back on and check on things. Are there still things lefts in the $20 range? What about the $100 range? If not, add a few more things. Maybe you already got something and that person didn’t mark it off on the registry, you can go back yourself and mark it as purchased. Maybe after visiting your friend and seeing their blender you want to swap out the one your registered for with that one instead. Or maybe the items you registered for were seasonal and no longer available. Just make sure you are keeping it up to date to minimize the number of returns you might have to do in the end. 


Unique Ideas

If you are someone who is not into the whole traditional registry thing, try a unique registry instead. Maybe you and your fiancé have already been living together for quite some time and accumulated enough stuff for your house that you don’t need much. Or maybe you just simply don’t believe in the idea of being showered with expensive gifts. There are lots of different options for alternatives registry ideas. For starters, if you are taking a honeymoon then do a honeymoon registry where guests can gift you with excursions and experiences. Try a specialty store instead like a sporting store so you can build up your home gym. Or ask for a donation in your honor to the cause of your choice.


Formal China

This age old debate is something that all couples go through. Should you or shouldn’t you register for formal china? It is definitely something that is less common nowadays, but for some reason couples still feel obligated to register for. China isn’t cheap so ask yourself, will you actually use it or would you rather the money be spent on something else? If you plan to host dinner parties or formal holiday dinners, china could be a good choice for you. If not, it will probably just collect dust in the box, so you’d be better off registering for something else.  


Consider Style

If you do decide to register for china, and same goes for the everyday china you pick out, make sure you consider the style. Sure, the trendy pieces are really pretty but will you still like it in five or 10 years from now? Not only will choosing something classic and timeless last much longer, but if you do end up needing to replace anything or if you end up wanted to add on pieces, it is more likely you will be able to find the style again.   


Photo Credit: Ariel Kaitlin Photography