Our responsibilities series that we’ve been sharing over the last few weeks is finally reaching some of the most important people at the wedding besides the happy couple: the parents. Obviously, everyone’s relationship with their parents is different but if your parents are involved in the wedding and looking to lend a helping hand, consider sharing this article about parent responsibilities in weddings with them! 


The parents of the bride and the parents of the groom traditionally have certain responsibilities. Of course, not all weddings have a bride and a groom! If that’s you, make sure to chat with both sets of parents to figure out who will be responsible for what and delegate tasks accordingly. Same goes for if there is only one set of parents involved, stepparents and so forth!


Mother and Father of the Bride Responsibilities

Announce the Engagement

If the engagement will be announced in a local newspaper, it is typically the parents of the bride who coordinate this. Share your excitement and joy in your hometown, your church newsletter, wherever feels right!


Plan the Bridal Shower

The mother of the bride will often finance and plan the bridal shower. This can be at her house, at a restaurant or event space or even virtual during the times of COVID. 


Host the Wedding

While less common than it used to be, traditionally the parents of the bride foot the bill for the wedding. These days, couples often share the responsibility of financing the wedding while the parents might pay for individual pieces, such as the dress or the venue. 



Mother and Father of the Groom Responsibilities

Meet the Bride’s Parents

It’s traditional for the parents of the groom to reach out to the parents of the bride to get to know each other if they have not yet met. This can include doing a video call or meeting for brunch, if that’s an option.


Help with the Guys’ Suits

It’s not uncommon for the groom’s parents to foot the bill for the groom’s and groomsmen’s suits. Whether renting or buying, make sure to coordinate the payment for these.


Host the Rehearsal Dinner

The groom’s parents often handle the planning and the financing of the rehearsal dinner. For couples, make sure to work with the groom’s parents to schedule when and where that will need to take place. 


Shared Responsibilities

Both sets of parents have a few miscellaneous responsibilities that they can share as they come up. These include, but are not limited to, the following: 

  • Collecting addresses for invited family members to assist the couple
  • Offering input on wedding date, venue and other details 
  • Fielding questions from relatives
  • Welcoming relatives into town before the wedding
  • Helping guests book hotel rooms 
  • Keeping guests who aren’t on social media or aren’t checking the wedding website informed 
  • Anything else the couple needs help with! 


The Bottom Line 

Weddings aren’t always “traditional” anymore! You may be asked to do things (or asked to not do things) to help with the wedding. Make sure to keep communication open with the couple and find out what they need from you. 

Photo credit: Emily Meeks Photography