Our responsibilities series that we’ve been sharing over the last few weeks is coming to an end with two of the most important people at the wedding: you and your fiancé!


When it comes to the responsibilities of the couple, there are a few things you need to do before, during and after the wedding to ensure your guests have an amazing time. After all, while it’s your big day, the guest experience is equally important!


Before the Wedding

Buy the Rings

Most often, you will buy your partner their ring and they will buy you yours. If you’re not the type that likes surprises, be sure to communicate with your partner what you do or do not want in a wedding ring. After you buy the rings, be sure to keep them safe until wedding day!


Plan, Plan, Plan

Congrats, you’re engaged! Now what? It’s time to start planning. While you can rely on your maid of honor or best man to help plan certain events, the bulk of the planning falls onto the couple throwing the wedding. Of course, hiring a wedding planner can take a lot of the work off of your plate.


Create a Registry and Website

You’ll want to be sure you have a central place for your guests to find the information they need. You can create a wedding website that has all the important details and where you can post updates such as last-minute changes or information on hotel blocks for out-of-town guests.


And perhaps the most fun part of throwing a wedding: receiving gifts. It’s your job as the happy couple to determine what should go on your wedding registry.


Send out Invitations

Invitations don’t usually go out until two or three months before wedding day, but once you have a date and location of the wedding you can send out save the dates months ahead of time. This will allow guests to begin arranging travel and accommodations.


The Day Of

Bridesmaids/Groomsmen Gifts

On the day of your wedding, it is customary to gift your bridesmaids or groomsmen with special keepsakes as a “thank you” for being part of your wedding. You can include a personal note and something extra special for your best man or maid of honor.


Get Married!

The most important part of any wedding is the actual marriage! This is truly your main responsibility of the day, and everything else is just icing on top!


Mingle with the Crowd

You and your new spouse are going to be like celebrities on your wedding day. Everyone is going to want to talk to you, and that’s great! It’s common for the newlyweds to mingle between tables during dinner – just be sure to eat before you do! Once you get started mingling, who knows how long it will be before you return to the festivities.


Take Pictures

Not only will you want to be available for the wedding photographer, you will also likely be asked for photos with guests who might not be included in the list of must-have wedding photos. As we said above, you’re a celebrity today, so embrace the selfies with your guests who are here to celebrate you!


After the Wedding

Thank You Cards

Be sure to assign someone to keep track of who is gifting you what so you can write thank you cards. How long after the wedding do you have to write thank you cards? That depends on who you ask, but a good rule of thumb is aim for getting the thank you cards in the mail within three months of your wedding.


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