In our third installment of our responsibilities series, we’re introducing you to the main duties of the Best Man. The groom’s right-hand-man has some major responsibilities to uphold throughout the planning process. 


Whether the Best Man is the groom’s best friend, brother or even his father, as seen in some southern weddings, we’re here to make his job easy by outlining key tasks he might need to execute. 


Best Man Responsibilities


Before the Wedding

Rally the Guys

The groom will choose his wedding party, and it’s your job as the Best Man to keep the conversation flowing with the guys and keep them in the loop about upcoming events. We suggest starting a text thread wthl the wedding party and letting them know what they can expect in the months leading up to the wedding. 


Organize the Groomsmen Attire

First, help the groom decide if it would be better to rent or buy suits. Either is fine, just be sure everyone knows who’s paying and what is expected of them. Sometimes the groom will pay for the men’s attire, other times, the men will foot their own bill. 


If you are renting suits through a service, make sure all the guys get measured in a timely manner. If you’re heading to a tux shop together, make accommodations with the shop so there is a salesperson available to help. 


Plan the Bachelor Party

Probably the most exciting part of being the Best Man is planning the bachelor party. Be sure to chat with the other guys to get their input and an idea of available budget. Not everyone will be able to fly to Las Vegas for a weekend of partying. 


Be sure to listen to what the groom wants. There are too many movie plots to count where a Best Man insists on going to a strip club or having a wild night of drinking (think The Hangover). But in real life, the groom might prefer something else. So just be certain to communicate what is and is not allowed or expected. 


Offer Emotional Support

It’s not uncommon for brides or grooms to experience cold feet before a wedding. Make sure to offer your emotional support to the groom and check in with how he is feeling throughout the process. 



The Day-Of

Get the Guys to the Venue on Time

While the men might not need to get their hair and makeup done, they still need to be at the wedding venue with plenty of time to spare. Coordinate with the wedding planner to figure out what time the groom and groomsmen need to arrive. 


Get Everyone Ready

Make sure all the groomsmen and the groom have their suits, shoes, ties, socks, shirts and anything else they might need. 


Feed the Groom

Make sure the groom remembers to eat (especially if he’s enjoying a pre-wedding beer!). And more importantly, make sure he doesn’t spill anything on his suit! 


Check in with the Other Party

Keep tabs with the other half of the wedding party to make sure everyone’s timeline is lining up properly. If the couple is doing a first look, make sure the groom is in position on time. 


During the Wedding

Hold the Rings

Perhaps the Best Man’s biggest day-of responsibility is holding on to the rings. Make sure you remember which pocket you put them in and hand them to the couple when it’s time to say, “I Do.” 


Give a Speech

During the reception, the Best Man and Maid of Honor typically give a speech about their history with the couple. Make sure to keep your speech classy and save any wild stories for the bachelor party.


The Bottom Line

Keep the groomsmen in line, keep the groom happy and make sure to enjoy the wedding that the couple worked so hard to plan. 


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Photo credit: Fotos by Fola