We’re back with part 2 of our Responsibilities Series, and today, we’re talking all about bridesmaids. Those chosen few (or dozen!) people who will stand by your side during your wedding.


Bridesmaids play such an important role in supporting the bride during the planning process and on the big day. Thankfully, the Maid of Honor will help organize the bridesmaids and delegate tasks. If there’s something you need to do, the MOH will let you know!


Bridesmaids Responsibilities


Before the Wedding

Buy Your Dress

Unless the bride is really generous, you will probably be footing the bill for your own dress. If you are in a tough spot financially, you can definitely voice this to the bride or MOH!


When deciding on dresses, make sure you are open to things that you usually wouldn’t try (unless you are very uncomfortable!). Try not to be too picky about things like color and fabric. Thankfully, gone are the days of hideous bridesmaids dresses. You might not be crazy about it, but it probably won’t be too bad!


Get Alterations

If your bridesmaid dress is too long or doesn’t quite fit, you will be responsible for your own alterations. Make sure to plan for these well in advance to ensure your dress is ready by wedding day!


Help with Planning

The MOH typically plans the bachelorette party and bridal shower, but you might be asked to help brainstorm ideas or work out the details.


Ask How You Can Help

Ask not what your bride can do for you, but what you can do for your bride. The bride and MOH are likely overwhelmed with tasks. Check in regularly and see how you can offer your services. Instead of saying, “Do you need any help?” Try asking, “What can I do?” You’re more likely to help get some stuff off of other peoples’ plates that way!


The Day-Of

Show Up on Time

Make sure you know where you need to be and when! Come with your dress, shoes, undergarments and any makeup or hair tools you’ll need.


Help the Bride Relax

Be sure to keep the energy positive and relaxed during the getting-ready portion of the day. She’ll pick up on your emotions, so no stressing in the bridal suite!


Be an Extra Set of Hands

If you are waiting for your turn in the hair and makeup chair, find ways to be helpful. Grab everyone a water or help tidy up the bridal suite.


During the Wedding

Help Kick off the Party

Guests always look to the bridal party for how to behave. So, be sure you’re one of the first people out on that dance floor. Help corral other guests to join the fun!


Finally, Have Fun!

This is a big day for you! Your friend is getting married! So be sure to enjoy the day that you all have put so much effort into!


The Bottom Line

Just like we said in our MOH responsibilities post, do anything and everything to keep the bride stress-free before, during and after the wedding!


Photo credit [vetted]: Three Region Photography