The fourth article in our responsibilities series deals with the groomsmen – the group of guys the groom chooses to walk down the aisle with him on wedding day. 


Whether your wedding party has just one groomsmen or a dozen, our responsibility guide will ensure each knows his duties before and during the wedding. 


Groomsmen Responsibilities


Before the Wedding

Order Your Suit

Whether the groom is having you buy or rent a suit, you should remember that you likely won’t go to a store and leave with a suit that day. Most often, you will be measured for your suit and the correct size will be ordered for you. After that, you can tailor it to fit you perfectly. 


Keep an eye out for information on groomsmen attire from the groom or best man. 


Help Plan the Bachelor Party

Typically the best man will handle the brunt of bachelor party planning, but you and your fellow groomsmen can help brainstorm ideas and pitch in to finance the event. 


Attend the Bachelor Party 

Your goal is to ensure the groom has a great time and gets home safely. So, use your common sense and make sure the evening doesn’t get too out of control. 


Ask How You Can Help

Keep up with the best man and ask what you can do to help take some work off of his plate. You might also talk to the groom and see if the bride’s side needs help with any tasks. 


Support the Groom

Make sure to offer the groom your full emotional support. If he’s getting cold feet, remind him how awesome his future spouse is. Pump him up for the big day! 


The Day-Of

Know Where You Need to Be

By the day of the wedding, you should know where you need to be and when. Make sure you have a timeline of the day and the address of where you’re meeting the other guys before the wedding. And don’t forget your suit! 


Get Ready

You’ll likely be getting ready at the venue, so bring your suit, socks, shoes, tie and anything else you need. Make sure you don’t spill anything on your suit! 


Feed the Groom

Be the runner who grabs snacks for the groom. You can even go check on the other half of the wedding party to make sure they have all the snacks and supplies they need – but don’t stray too far!


During the Wedding

Stand with the Groom

In a traditional ceremony, you will process down the aisle and stand by the groom’s side during the wedding. Make sure not to lock your knees and remember to stand up straight! 


The Bottom Line

Your ultimate goal throughout the wedding planning process is to be there for the groom and support him in planning the wedding and offer your opinion when asked. Make sure to help set the atmosphere of the wedding by being out on the dance floor and encouraging other guests to join in on the fun. 


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Photo credit [v e t t e d]: AJ Arts Photography