This month we are so excited to share our responsibilities series with you! When planning a wedding, so many people wonder what their responsibilities are, and we’re here to make it easy for you and your crew!


We will be starting this series with the Maid of Honor position. Possibly one of the most coveted of all wedding positions, the Maid of Honor (MOH) potentially has the most responsibilities. Below, we’ll discuss all of these in-depth. That said, you can take a lot of work off of your MOH’s plate by checking out our local wedding planners!


Maid of Honor Responsibilities


Before the Wedding

Connect with the Bridesmaids

Once the bride has chosen her bridal party, connect with everyone in an email or group text. Introduce yourself and the other bridesmaids, and make sure everyone has all of the contact information they need. You can also let them know what the next steps will be as far as the bachelorette party or bridal shower.


Go Dress Shopping

Find out who will be paying for the bridesmaids’ dresses. These days, most bridesmaids buy their own dress, but couples with a larger budget will often help foot this bill.


Coordinate with everyone and book an appointment at a bridal shop for a day of dress shopping for the bride or the bridesmaids (or both if the bride wants this all to happen on the same day)!


Rally the Girls

It is your responsibility to get the gals together to chat about the bachelorette party and bridal shower. While you will do most of the planning, their input is important. Have that uncomfortable conversation of “how much can you spend?” Are you working with a night-out-at-the-bar budget or a girls-trip-to-Jamaica budget? Brainstorm some fun ideas that the bride might like.


Plan the Bachelorette Party and Bridal Shower

After you know roughly how much the bridesmaids can spend, you will need to organize the bachelorette party and bridal shower. Start by picking dates that works for everyone. Ask the bride how soon before the wedding she wants to have her events and take into consideration whether or not bridesmaids will be traveling from out-of-town to attend either when scheduling.


The Day-Of

Keep Everyone on Schedule

Know where the bride needs to be and when, as well as where you and the rest of the bridesmaids need to be. Make sure the bride is ready for her first look or solo photos.


Take Care of Details

Keep track of things like the bride’s jewelry and veil. Make sure everything is spic and span!


Bring the Bride Snacks

Make sure the bride has something to eat during the day. She might be so focused on the wedding that she doesn’t even realize she’s hungry! Be the snack-master!


Deal with Any Drama

Whether two bridesmaids are fighting or the groom doesn’t have his tux, keep all of the drama out of the bridal suite. If there’s panic going on behind the scenes, make sure the bride is unaware.


Corral Looky-Loos

Most brides want as few people as possible to see them before the ceremony, especially those who aren’t in the wedding party. But that won’t stop an aunt from barging her way into the bridal suite or spying on the first look. Remind any nosy guests that they need to honor the brides’ wishes.


During the Wedding

Hold the Bride’s Bouquet and Fluff her Dress

When the bride takes her position at the front of the aisle, it will be your responsibility to take her bouquet and ensure her dress and veil are positioned correctly.


Keep the Bride Fed and Watered

Make sure the bride gets plenty of food and water during the ceremony. Even if she doesn’t ask for it! Bring her a few of her favorite cocktails as well!


Give a Speech

Make sure your MOH speech honors the bride and makes her feel loved! Getting a few laughs along the way is always a bonus!


Help the Bride Pee

Yep, this is a classic MOH duty! As the bride’s BFF, you’ll have to follow her to the bathroom and hold up her dress while she pees. It’s basically a right-of-passage.


Collect Gifts and Cards

Make sure that any gifts or cards, as well as the guest book, get back to the couple. Whether you put it in her car or take them home yourself!


Have Fun!

This one is the most important: you’re the bride’s best friend. She’ll want you to have the time of your life at her wedding. Make sure to take plenty of time to dance and enjoy all of the hard work that you and the rest of the wedding party have put into this big day!


The Bottom Line

Do anything and everything to keep the bride stress-free before, during, and after the wedding!


And remember, a wedding planner can help with most of the tasks above (except for maybe the bathroom part!). Make sure to book your wedding planner and other wedding vendors from Bustld today!


Photo credit: Franzi Annika Photography