It may sound like a simple thing – and that’s because it is – but a room block is essential for your overall guest experience.There is no reason you shouldn’t do something so simple that will make a big difference to your guests. We are here to walk you through the simple questions that will help you get that room block booked!


What kind of room blocks are there?

There are two kinds of blocks, a courtesy room block and a guaranteed room block.


A courtesy block is a complementary block of rooms in which your guests pay the fee for the rooms and there is no financial obligation to you. There is typically a cutoff date when the rooms in your block will be released. This is the most common type of block. 


A guaranteed block requires a certain commitment of booked rooms ineither a dollar amount or a percentage, which is called attrition. If you don’t meet the minimum, you will be financially responsible for the difference. We would only recommend this type of block if you are nearly positive you can meet the minimum.


When should I block the rooms?

As soon as you know your date and location for the wedding, go ahead and get your room block in the works. It is especially important to do a block early if you’ve picked a holiday weekend or are in a city with a football team and home game that weekend. 


Where should I do the block?

There is location and brand name to consider when selection which hotels to book at. First, consider your venue location and select at least one hotel option close by. If your venue is in the city, that makes it easy, but if it is outside city limits, you may still want to pick a hotel option in the city for the younger crowd, especially if you plan to have an afterparty there. 


Once you’ve decided on the actual location, we recommend selecting two to three hotel options total, so you can offer different price points and different brands. Keep in mind your guests will all have different brand preferences and points with different companies.


Why do I need a block?

Simple, because you care about your guests! Getting a room block shows your guests that you’ve considered them, and they will certainly be thankful. When booking group rooms they may be able to offer your group a better rate or special perks they couldn’t get booking on their own. Also, when contracting with certain hotels ask if there are any perks – like a comped room if you fulfill a certain amount or extra points for the contract. 


Photo Courtesy of Venue: Charlote Marriott City Center