While Saturdays are the most common day for weddings to take place, it’s not the only dayyou can have your wedding. In fact, if you are set on a specific venue or plan to follow the Jewish religion and don’t want to wait until sundown on Saturday then a Saturday wedding might not even be an option for you.


After Saturdays, Fridays are the most next common. That being because Friday gives people the next two days off to celebrate (and recover!). Depending on where and what time the wedding is, sometimes guests can get away with not even having to take Friday offwork. Sunday is the next most popular day. And weekday weddings are springing up in popularity!


There are pros and cons to a non-Saturday wedding, that we are going to share with you today:



  • Vendors may have lower pricing for a non-Saturday wedding.
  • Your favorite vendors often have more availability.
  • You can enjoy the weekend for other activities with your guests who might stay in town and make a weekend out of it.



  • You and your guests might have to take more time off work.
  • The turnout of your guest list may be lower.
  • You may have late arrivals from traffic or getting caught up at work,or early departures to get home because they have work the next day.


Ultimately, you have to decide what is more important to the two of you as a couple. Convenience of a Saturday given travel, work schedules and your guest availability? Or the ability to stretch your budget further and plan without competing with anyone else for the same date? If you are considering a non-Saturday wedding talk to you inner most circle, the people you can’t imagine your wedding day without and see if you can make it work.


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Photo Courtesy of [vetted] Greenbrier Farms