It’s July Fourth which means you are most likely gearing up for time with friends and family, complete with a barbeque and fireworks! But what if instead, you are gearing up for a wedding? What are the pros and cons of a holiday wedding? We’ve got our pro tips and tricks here for you to consider when picking your wedding date…

Pros for a Holiday Wedding

  • A long weekend! That means you can maximize your time with family and friends. Instead of just one day of celebration, plan different get-togethers with your group so the celebration is elongated. 
  • Availability. Many couples don’t want to get married on a holiday weekend which could mean that all the coveted May dates are booked except Memorial Day weekend (for example).
  • Built in theme. Not sure where you want to go with your wedding colors or theme? Choosing a St. Patrick’s Day wedding gives you instant green inspiration or go red, white and blue for Independence Day. 
  • Holiday plans for your guests. Give your guests a reason to get away (or attend an amazing local party) for the holiday!  

Cons for a Holiday Wedding

  • More expensive to travel. The holidays mean increased cost for flights, car rentals and hotels.
  • Guests have plans. For example, your best friend may have standing plans with her family at their beach house for every Labor Day weekend, which means it may be more difficult for her to attend your special day. This could (very likely) mean a lower guest count should you choose a holiday weekend.
  • Increased cost for vendors. Many vendors charge extra fees for a holiday weekend since this means time away from family and increased employee costs. 
  • Logistical obstacles. From reduced hotel options to holiday parades, make sure to plan for all the anticipated obstacles of the holiday (well in advance of your wedding day!).

As with any wedding date, make sure you touch base with your wedding day “VIPs” to guarantee they can attend before locking in your venue and date. This way those who are most important to you will be there, holiday or not!


Photo Credit: Rose Trail Images