Consider time of year, wedding style, wedding venue and personal preference when deciding which colors to choose

Colors aren’t as simple as just red and blue. Which shade of red? There’s burgundy, maroon, wine, raspberry – the list goes on. For blues, there’s navy, sky, teal, stone, dusty... you get the picture. With all the different color shades out there, how is one supposed to decide on an option, let alone a full color palette for a wedding?! There are several things to think about when choosing a wedding color palette. From the time of year to the overall style of the wedding, consider the following when selecting wedding colors. 



The time of year of the wedding should have an impact on the colors selected. If you have your heart set on burgundy, don’t let a June wedding deter you; however, burgundy is naturally a great fall color. 

Traditionally, spring and summer colors are a bit little more muted and natural. Think blush, peach, lilac and lavender. Pastels are also great for spring. The opposite is true for fall and winter: colors tend to be a little darker and moodier. Think more along the lines of burgundy, plum, navy and mustard. 

Don’t forget accent metallics! Metallics give everything a nice little pop of sparkle and the good thing is, metallics are not seasonally based! 


Wedding Style

The overall wedding style should factor into the colors you select. If you have a rustic wedding, burgundy and mustard are a little more in line. Whereas with a vintage wedding, dusty tones like mauve and blush are ideal. 

Metallics are definitely affected by wedding style. Gold and silver are more modern while copper is more industrial



Keep in mind the venue when selecting colors. If the venue is a blank slate with white walls, you’ll want to brighten it up with richer colors. If the venue already has a lot going on – such as a museum full of art – you’ll want more muted tones to avoid clashing.



Lastly, don’t forget this is YOUR wedding! Choose colors you love, not just colors that others tell you look good. Have you always imagined a dusty blue and blush wedding but it’s October? Go for it! Having a more industrial style but love gold? Then make other color decisions based on using gold. The sky’s the limit when it comes to incorporating color (or neutrals!) in to your wedding.


How to Incorporate Color

Now that you’ve chosen your color palette, the question is how do you weave it into wedding day? We’ve got you covered!

Of course, there’s the obvious – flowers. Colored blooms are a great way to incorporate your colors. Also, if you tie your bouquets off with hanging ribbon, the ribbon is a great place to tie in your colors or metallic accents.

Table settings offer a lot of different places to weave in some color. From table linens to napkins and table number cards to candle votive holders – even colored candles! Chairs are also available in different metallics, so that’s a perfect way to use the accent color. Our favorite use of metallics? Colored flatware! There are so many places to use colors or accent colors, just use your imagination!


Photo Credit: J. Christina Photography