We all know there are all kinds of insurance – home, health, car … just to name a few – but did you know there is also wedding insurance?

You might be wondering, why would I need wedding insurance (and to spend any more money)?! Weddings are often one of the biggest purchases you’ve made to date so why wouldn’t you want to protect your investment?

Imagine a few of these scenarios:

  • An unexpected hurricane is headed your way… right on wedding day … and vendors and guests have to cancel
  • A vendor goes out of business and leaves you high and dry (with no return of that hefty deposit)
  • Your dress doesn’t arrive in time (anyone read the recent news of the Alfred Angelo closing situation?)
  • A guest drinks too much, drives home and is in an accident
  • Someone gets hurt during the reception
  • Your fiancé (or brother or other close family member) is deployed last minute
  • Your baker is in an accident en route to the wedding and your cake is destroyed
  • Your venue is purchased and no longer honors your contract

These are (most likely) your worst nightmare scenarios, right? But sometimes things happen and with wedding insurance you will be protected.

So how do you get this special event insurance policy? First, check with your homeowner or renter insurance providers to see if they offer a policy. If not, there are plenty of other companies out there that do offer wedding insurance. Second, you will want to find out which situations the policy will cover, how much it will cover, your deductible and, of course, the cost. Third, find out how submitting claims works and response time.

Hopefully you never need to use the policy but if you ever face a horrible situation that does require insurance, won’t it be good to know you are insured (and don’t have to pay out of pocket!)?