You do you. That’s our answer. But really, should you? Only you can answer that, but we can certainly give you some factors to consider when making your decision about whether to have more than one wedding outfit.



First and foremost, do you have enough wiggle room in your wedding budget to purchase more than one dress or outfit? If you’re already having a hard time fitting things into your budget, you might be better off spending your wedding attire budget on one single outfit, rather than trying to squeeze two out of it. If you are going to pay out of your own pocket for your attire or you’ve got some extra space in the budget, then maybe it’s up for consideration for you to buy a second (or even third, hey no judgment!) outfit for the day.



If you are considering the thought of changing outfits, think about the timing of the day before you make a decision. Usually, you go from ceremony to family pictures to first dances to dinner and dancing. First, which outfit would you want to be wearing for each of those things? Do you see yourself twirling in your full-skirted gown for your first dance? Then you probably won’t want to change until dinner. Do you have a few minutes to sneak away during dinner to change? Is there a place onsite you can store your second look and change?



Have you always been a fashionista? Or are you taking advantage of the one day when you know you can go all out, and no one will judge you? If you answered no to both of those, think about your why and think about your style. Does it really suit you to change outfits? What’s the purpose? If you don’t want to be in a big dress all night, do you even want a big dress from the start, or should you just wear a jumpsuit or short dress from the beginning? It’s your day, so you make the rules!



Still thinking about more than one outfit? Consider the functionality of your outfit changes. If you are going to change after dinner, remember you’ll probably be out on the dance floor all night so you’ll want something you can move and dance in. If you are going to change after the ceremony before your first dances, you probably want something that will wow and has good twirl-ability for your first dance. If you aren’t going to change until right before you go to leave, you probably want comfort for the drive home or after-party.


If you are planning an outfit change, be sure to check out our vetted wedding planners who can help you plan when the switch needs to happen!