Engagement season is here and while COVID may have affected weddings this year, there’s no reason it should affect engagements! However, it will have an impact on how engaged couples are getting started with wedding planning.


Part of your engagement is to actually enjoy the fact that you are engaged! COVID or no COVID, this part of being engaged and wedding planning shouldn’t ever change. Remember to always take time to enjoy. 



You should have open communication with your partner about wedding planning. Make sure you are always talking about where you are in the process, what might be happening to affect the planning process and what that could mean for your wedding. 



Knowing what happened this past year, you should immediately decide what is most important to you and you wedding as a whole before you decide what’s most important in your wedding, as you traditionally would during planning. So, start by prioritizing things like if you have to choose between getting married with a smaller group or postponing, what would you choose? And if you have to cut guest list what does that mean? Then prioritize normal things like what vendors are most important and how to divvy your budget.  


Ask Questions

There are going to be a lot more questions you have to ask your wedding vendors than usual. You want to make sure you address any and all of the “what ifs” that could happen that you know other couples have experienced in 2020. Things like, “what if the venue is forced to shut down”, “what if I postpone”, “what if I move venues”, “what if I cancel.”


Read the Fine Print

Along those same lines, it was always important to read the fine print of your contract, but now more than ever, make sure you 100% understand what you are signing in a contract. What happens with deposits? What happens for rescheduling? What happens for cancellations? What happens if the vendor goes out of business?


Plan for the Unexpected

Basically, everything we are saying is to be prepared. Even though we are all crossing our fingers for weddings to return to normal in 2021, nothing is a guarantee. You should always have a backup plan and maybe even a backup to the back up. If we’ve learned anything by watching 2020 couples, be prepared for anything. 


Be Flexible 

In order to be prepared for anything, you must be flexible. Be willing to change your plans and then maybe even change them again. The good news is, you know this now so you can have Plan A, B and C ready in your back pocket for whatever may be thrown your way. 


Photo credit [ v e t t e d ]: Alyssa Joyce Photography