Whether it’s wedding planning or being stuck at home that has you stressed – or maybe both (thanks COVID-19) – there’s no question we could all use a little extra meditation these days. Try these at-home tips and bring a calming energy to your life as you deal with the new coronavirus “normal.”


  1. Routine

Make meditating part of your new at-home routine. Try to do it first thing in the morning, but if that doesn’t fit into your schedule find a time that does, and stick with that time every day.


  1. Location

Part of that routine will be meditating in the same spot every day. And that spot matters. Pick a spot that feels calm, quiet and peaceful to you. Somewhere you’ll be able to access at that same time every day.


  1. Unplug

When it comes time for your meditation, that should be your sole focus and purpose. Ignore your phone, iPad, computer, TV, smartwatch or whatever electronics you use. In fact, leave them elsewhere during your time of meditation.


  1. Get comfortable

Just because all the meditation videos you’ve seen have people sitting cross-legged, doesn’t mean that you have to. Find a position that is comfortable to you and that you can sit in for the entire length of your meditation.


  1. Breathe

It’s all about focusing on your breathing. Your mind will wander, especially if you are new to meditation, and that’s okay. But, when you notice that your attention has shifted into thoughts about stressing over booking your photographer, that big meeting you have at work today or if you should invite less wedding guests, bring your focus back to your breath. Hint: find a mantra to repeat to keep you centered.


  1. Take it with you

After your meditation time is up, take a moment to realize what you just did. First of all, be proud of that time you just gave yourself and grateful to have that time to give to yourself. Take that lesson with you for the rest of the day.


Photo courtsey of [vetted] Something Perfect, photo credit Click Away Photography