We are all doing our best to stay busy while at home. We get it, the same routine in the same house can get a little boring. With the help of Dewland Photography we are here to spice things up a little bit! Give this spicy summer cocktail a try – just in time for Memorial Day weekend!


Summer Bite
-2 oz. of vodka (may substitute with tequila)
-1.5 oz. of watermelon simple syrup (very rich but add more for extra flavor)

-1/4 jalapeno

-Splash of lemonade

Mix vodka and simple syrup in a shaker. Add lots of ice and shake. Add jalapeño into shaker and muddle (add more or less for desired bite). Add a salt and sugar rim to your low-ball glass and then add ice. Shake and strain drink into your glass. Top with lemonade (pink preferred!).

Watermelon Simple Syrup

-2 cups of water
-2.5 cups of granulated sugar
-Seedless watermelon

Pour water into a pan and turn the heat on high. Before the water boils, add and stir in the sugar. Continue to stir until the water reaches a boil and all the sugar has dissolved. Turn the heat down to a simmer and add enough watermelon to fill the pan up. Allow all the ingredients to simmer together for roughly 10 minutes (make sure the syrup has a nice color to it). Strain the syrup into a plastic or glass jar and allow to cool to room temperature. Then enjoy! Make sure to store in the refrigerator.