Goodbye winter, hello spring (finally)! Spring and summer bridal trends have evolved this year for both color and complexion. Let's take a deeper look at how you can incorporate these trends into your bridal look:



Monochromatic makeup looks are having a moment in beauty right now. Monochromatic berry, plums, pinks and corals are all over magazines, runways and social media. This is a fantastic way to experiment with color but also keep one area of your face a focus, creating a classy makeup look for your wedding day. If you want to give this look a try before your big day, head to your favorite beauty retailer and pick up an eye shadow palette, cheek color and lip color in a similar tone or work with your wedding day makeup artist to determine which color family will look best for your skin tone.



Natural and full brows are still in style so leave the overdrawn brows to Instagram. Brows frame the face and really create balance. If your brows are unruly, consider having them groomed and shaped at least a month before your wedding. If you do not normally define your brows, practice wearing them filled in for at least two weeks prior to your wedding. You will appreciate what a well-shaped brow will do for your overall look.



Healthy, beautiful, glowing skin is still in style... and I hope it never goes away! A beautiful complexion is one of your best accessories on wedding day. Great skincare leading up to your wedding will set your skin up for success and give you a glow from within. Leave the harsh contour for your night out and embrace softer glam for your complexion. Fresh and glowing skin is a timeless accessory!


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