These are weird times for everyone, often that means more stress and more chaos. It’s important to remember self-care when planning a wedding, let alone when planning a wedding in the middle of a pandemic.


Looking Good

Stuck at home amid COVID-19? Keep that beauty routine intact. Of course, you want to keep washing and moisturizing your skin but now is also the time to try that new product you’ve been eyeing. After all, if it goes wrong, no one will see! It is true that when you look good, you feel good. Put on your five-minute face (check out a past IG Live with Norelle B. to learn how!) and go about your day at home feeling good.


Staying Healthy

We’re all doing it – overindulging on snacks and sweets (like these cookies) because the fridge is just so easily accessible! There’s no time like the present to whip your booty into shape. The best part is, there are so many online classes and at-home workouts (like this one from Body by Ro) available now that you don’t need to go anywhere. Look up your favorite local studio to see if they are doing anything virtually. Try something new you haven’t or invest in something you’ve always wanted like a Peloton, Fight Camp or MIRROR.


Need some extra motivation to get it done? Zoom your best friend to do it with you! Or find something both you and your significant other can do together. Even just getting outside and going for a walk is better than nothing!


Managing Time

What does your “normal” day look like? Then that is what your safer-at-home day should look like too… minus the commute, of course! Make time for things you normally do, like your weekly date night or Bachelor viewing. Have some free time in your schedule now? Take advantage and plan a little extra for your wedding to get ahead, or try a new DIY project. Stay organized with an old school paper planner by adding in your regular schedule. Don’t forget to compare schedules with your significant other so there’s no question about what’s going on when.


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