There’s no question about it, wedding planning can get complicated. With all the different vendors you are talking to, let alone all the vendors you hire and have to manage, it can be very overwhelming. Hopefully with some of these tips you’ll be able to stay organized during the process!



It can be helpful to create a wedding only email address that you can use for vendor communication only. This way your wedding related emails aren’t getting mixed up in your inbox with your subscriptions and newsletters. 


You can even take it a step further and use different folders to organize each vendor category. Keep all your florist related emails in a folder and all your photographer related emails in another.



You’ll likely compare a few different vendors in the same category. So, when it comes time to book a photographer, you’ll probably meet with two to three and then compare the options. Unfortunately, there’s no easy way to do this because you aren’t always going to be comparing apples to apples. 

We recommend compiling all your proposals in one central place, so you know where to find them all. Once you have them all, cross check the packages, rather than the bottom line.  What does it include for what cost? What does one package have that another doesn’t? Then weigh the differences in both cost and offering. 



Once you book someone how do you stay on top of it? Well, the easy answer is with a planner. They will probably have a useful portal or tool where you can manage all your vendors. If you don’t have this option, then you’ll want to create some sort of tracking system. Keep in mind you need to account for any payment due dates and deadlines for additional information, like final count.

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