Oh how we love Pinterest and all the pretty images it produces. But have you ever stopped to think about what exactly you are looking at? Are the images you are seeing doable for a 100+ person wedding? What about on a budget (because we are all on budgets when it comes to weddings!)? A hanging flower wall is beautiful – but can you imagine the cost and labor it would take for a florist to produce this? What about those pedestal cake stands? A five-tiered cake would collapse on that stand, unless of course it’s Styrofoam like they are in styled shoots.

Most of the gorgeous images you find on Pinterest are a result of what is called a styled or inspiration shoot. The purpose of these shoots is exactly what they are called – to provide inspiration. They are also a great outlet for vendors to show off their creativity and work with new vendors they may not have worked with. However, they are never meant to be copied completely. The shoots are often produced with just one table, in which everyone contributes their talent so these photos can be used for marketing purposes. Producing a styled shoot on a mass scale (aka a wedding) would definitely push your budget and, most likely, your time limits in your venue. Not to mention it’s so important to see a vendors work in a real world setting – a wedding (visit our Real Weddings section to see both inspiration shoots and real weddings at all price points around Charlotte).

So how do you take the inspiration you find from styled shoots and translate that into your wedding day?

  • Choose one focal point for wedding day and make it shine. Whether that’s an amazing king’s table or an over-the-top cake.
  • Use the photos you find as inspiration. Look at what the common factor is in the images – is it peonies you love? Is it lots of greenery? Take what you love and share that with your talented vendor team. Then let them work their magic to give you the vision you love, in budget.
  • Don’t copy an image. Know that the creativity of your vendors means you can trust them. Love what a vendor did in a styled shoot? Then you know they will be able to do something extraordinary for your wedding. 

Photo courtesy of Critsey Rowe Photography.