We’ve all heard it before: Sweating for the wedding. If you are looking to shed a few pounds before wedding day, there are two major ways to get in shape. Now, we aren’t dieticians and personal trainers so before you embark on your wedding weight loss journey, make sure you consult the appropriate professionals and remember the most important thing – your fiancé loves you just the way you are. 


Start an exercise routine that you can stick with for the coming months. If you hate to run, don’t try to force yourself to be a runner. Instead find a way of working out that keeps you interested. Whether that be a regular gym where you go at your own speed or a high intensity class. Try a few different types of workouts like Pilates, kickboxing or swimming and see what you enjoy the most. 


Aside from working out, a huge piece of trying to lose weight is what you eat. Say goodbye to the convenience of carry out and restaurants and focus on clean cooking at home. If you aren’t a big cook and aren’t sure where to start, try a boxed meal subscription to help get you started. You’d be surprised how easy it can be! Once you learn a few recipes, cycle through them on a weekly basis. You’ll be a meal planner and expert prepper in no time!

Other Tips

Whether you are shedding for the wedding or not, there’s no question that you want to feel your best for wedding day. So, in addition to your new (or old!) exercise and cooking routine, keep these three tips in mind:

  1. Cut back on alcohol
  2. Up your water game
  3. Give yourself enough sleep

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