Go that extra mile for your wedding guests and leave them wowed by your hospitality. Whether you have out of towners or local guests at your upcoming wedding, there are certain things you can do to show you’ve considered them when making arrangements. Enhance the wedding guest experience by offering some of these extra “nice to haves.” Think about it, if you were a wedding guest, wouldn’t you appreciate these things?


Hotel Room Block

This is especially important if you plan to have a lot of out of town guests. Sure, there are tons of hotels your wedding guests could book themselves online, but show them you’ve thought of them while planning by choosing two to three specific hotels and reserving a room block. The perk to a room block is you will usually get a lower rate than what is available online. We recommend two to three options at different price points and different chains to offer your guests an option. Aunt Sally may be a Marriott gal while Uncle Bob is a Hyatt guy. Best of all, a room block allows distant family members to mingle at the continental breakfast!


Most hotels will offer a courtesy room block of a minimal amount of rooms at no charge to you. If you are having a large amount of out of town guests and need more than just a few rooms, you will probably have to sign a contract with a financial commitment. Remember, they will be taking these rooms out of their inventory, so they rely on the business you say you will bring.


Wedding Goodie Bags

Imagine, a long day of traveling and checking into your hotel room with a grumbling belly and a dry throat. Then, imagine being handed a nice little bag of goodies including some crackers and a bottle of water. Welcome bags are just what they say, a welcome gift for your guests. They don’t have to be elaborate; the thought and simple snacks are much appreciated for your guests who have traveled to be there for you.


We recommend including something sweet, something salty and something to drink in each wedding welcome bag. Another great addition is some Advil for the preemptive “I drank too much last night” moment the morning after the wedding. Also, welcome bags are a great way to showcase your wedding city with something local. A local magazine, a treat from a local baker, local honey – you get the point. Lastly, any wedding information or local information you can include is always helpful. A print out about wedding weekend festivities, including the time and location, and suggestions for local restaurants and attractions are a thoughtful touch.


Wedding Transportation

This is a biggie, mainly because of the added cost to any wedding budget. If budget allows, wedding transportation is a must to enhance the guest experience. Offering those guests staying at a hotel (most likely meaning they traveled from out of town and don’t have their own form of transportation) transportation to and from the wedding is a game-changer. This means guests don’t have to worry about finding their way around a new city, ordering an Uber and having it arrive on time, designating a DD and so on. Inform your guests about transportation options in their welcome bag!


Late Night Snacks

This doesn’t sound like a big deal, but trust us, your guests will thank you! Most of the time your guests (and you included!) are so busy mingling during cocktail hour and dinner they have barely eaten. After a few hours of drinking and dancing, there are sure to be more than a few rumbling stomachs out on the dance floor. A late night snack is the perfect way to offer guests a little something to settle their stomachs when their focus is no longer on mingling and catching up with other guests. Picture mini chicken and waffles, pretzel bites, hot dogs, French fries or mini pizzas being brought out right as you start to realize you only had three bites of your chicken for dinner. It is sure to be a crowd-pleaser! 


If you need more ideas about how to pamper your wedding guests, your wedding planner is a fabulous resource. 

Photo Courtesy of Chestnut and Vine Day of Wedding Coordination