Your wedding reception is coming to an end – Will you be spending it savoring every last moment out on the dance floor? Or will you be making a grand exit with a fun send off? There are pros and cons to both, so we are here to help you choose the right decision for you!



  • The obvious one is the pretty pictures you’ll get out of it!
  • It will get your guests out of the space, so breakdown can begin on time and you won’t have to worry about after hour charges.
  • It separates you all from your guests for an easy get away into your end of the night transportation.
  • If you provide transportation for your guests it will get them on the bus quicker so it stays on schedule.
  • If a private last dance is something you want to do, a send off will allow that to happen.



  • It’s hard to avoid being the center of attention on your wedding day, but if you want to keep the attention to a minimum a send off is probably not for you.
  • Your last song will have to play a few minutes early in order for a send off to take place.
  • It can be really difficult to gather guests and line them up for the send off if you don’t have a wedding planner or venue coordinator to do it.
  • While small, it does cost money to purchase the items needed for a send off.
  • The weather is always an unknown factor so if you have your heart set on an outdoor sparkler send off and it’s pouring down rain you may end up disappointed.



If you do decide that a send off is on your list of must haves for wedding day, there are so many different send offs you can do! First and foremost, check with your venue on any restrictions they might have. Once you know that, then you can explore the options!

There’s the ever popular sparklers, but make sure you buy long, smokeless ones! If open fire and possibly drunk guests scare you a little too much you can opt for a much safer light up option like glow sticks. There’s also confetti, pompoms, ribbon wands, bubbles – so many options! We also love a themed send off like snow for a winter wedding



We touched on it earlier, but keep in mind if you do a send off your last song will need to play about 15 minutes before the reception is set to end. This will allow enough time to get your guests outside, lined up and the send off items passed out for you to exit on time.

There are other timeline related things to consider like the time of day. If you choose to do a send off at the end of your evening reception chances are it is already dark out, but make sure if you are having an earlier wedding and want to do something that involves light you check what time the sun is setting.

Another thing to consider: If you think your guests may leave earlier in the night you want to make sure you have enough people for the final goodbye so a fake send off may be necessary. Be careful though, fake send offs will clear your dance floor and it could be hard to get the party going again. 


Photo Credit Amber Hatley Photography