Picture this. You’ve met the person you want to spend the rest of your life with and have decided to get married. Congratulations! Now the fun begins as you start planning the wedding of your dreams.

You start by selecting the perfect venue, maybe somewhere by the water downtown with a nice view of the sunset. Next, you choose a wedding planner to help you plan every last detail. Your planner becomes your partner in crime. They help you choose the best florist, cater, DJ and photographer. They build the perfect timeline and even help you find a way to politely tell guest to leave the “rug rats” at home…  after all, this is going be the party of the year!


After the wedding and honeymoon is over, it’s time to meet with your photographer and relive your wedding day. You finally get home and download your files from the USB or web gallery and hundreds of clicks of the mouse later you’re done. Weeks later, you say to each other “hey, we need to print a few photos.” The following year your computer crashes and it’s not until your images are gone that you realize you never printed anything.


Moral of the story – your images deserve more than a folder on a hard drive. Prints last forever!

By investing in printed products, you will have the peace of mind of knowing that your images are safe from technology failures or advancements. With technology changing every three to five years, what’s current now may not be in a few years. Remember floppy drives? Forget to upgrade your image storage device and you may find yourself asking around for someone with an “old” computer with a USB drive!


Digital is great for now, however printed images are the bridge between generations. A beautiful wall portrait will become a staple conversation piece in your home and a handcrafted heirloom quality wedding album will tell your story for generations to come.


Is it an investment, of course it is. Expect to spend more than $900 on a wedding album and $300 on custom wall art. While prices may vary from photographer to photographer, the quality of ordering from a professional will be worth the investment.


But albums are boring
These aren’t your grandmothers albums we’re talking about. Modern wedding albums have come a long way; offering many cover options that can be customized in many ways. However, a wedding album isn’t just a collection of your wedding images in a book with a pretty cover, it’s your story in print. A great design uses select images from the day to convey every detail of your wedding. Every two page spread is a moment, whether it’s the first look, father/daughter dance or cake cutting. A good photographer will shoot with the album in mind and press the shutter button with a purpose: to tell your story, moment by moment.


Imagine a grandparent that couldn’t attend the wedding sitting on her sofa turning the pages of a beautiful album, seeing your story and feeling as if she were there. Experiencing every moment, just the way it happened on the day of the wedding. Seems better than sitting in front of monitor clicking a mouse a few hundred times doesn’t it! 


Experience counts
An experienced photographer not only understands this, but will offer a variety of professionally printed products. They have a firm understanding of resolution, aspect ratios and color management which ensures that your images not only look good on the screen, but will print perfectly every time. Keep this in mind when meeting with photographers who only offer digital files – ask questions to make sure they have a good grasp on the technical side of print making so your files will print well when you choose to have them printed.


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