Photo booths have become a popular addition to wedding day. They are fun for guests of all ages and usually give your guests something to take home toremember the day. You can even personalize them in lots of different ways! Here’s what you need to know if you are considering a photo booth for wedding day

Pick a Type

It’s not as simple as it once was where there was a booth you went insideand took a picture, then your pictures printed out. Sure, the traditional closed boothstyle still exists, but now there are so many different types.

One of the more common types is the open air booth where you can fit a large group of people in front of a backdrop. A new, unique option is the mirrored photo booth. It’s really just like taking a mirror selfie, only the machine does it for you! There are also video options now where you can create your own GIF or Boomerang.

Timing and Location are Everything

You want your photo booth open during the right time of the wedding, and somewhere it’s going to be noticed. If the booth is around the corner and down the hall from the reception or cocktail hour, no one is going to visit it. Same can be said if you have it in the cocktail hour space and then move into the reception space on a different floor, no one is going to come back down to it.

If cocktail hour is nearby or in the same space as the reception, then it is the ideal time for the photobooth service to start. It will give your guests something to do during cocktail hour, aside fromhaving a drink of course! Also, if having a packed dance floor the entire night is important to you, you might want to consider closing the photo boothdown earlier in the evening, so it doesn’t draw people away from dancing.

Book Early

If a photobooth is something you know is important to you, book them early. Especially if you want a newer, more unique type of photo booth like the mirror type, they can book up quickly since options are more limited. Also, if you book earlier, you’ll know your budget has room, rather than waiting until the last minute and not having planned to fit it in.

Personalize It

There are lots of fun ways to personalize every different type of photo booth. For starters, no matter the type of photobooth they will all use props. Personalize it with props that represent you two as a couple, like your favorite sport’s team or book theme. You can also personalize the print outs with your wedding date or monogram, if you have one. With some photo booth types you can also customize the backdrop.

Having a photo booth also gives you the option to create a photo guest book where guests can leave you a copy of their picture with a note. Not only do they get the memory to take home with them, but you get a copy, too!

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