Like with many things in the wedding industry, there’s a new norm heading our way when it comes to honeymooning. One day, hopefully, the extravagant trips to the Maldives or Thailand or Saint Lucia will pick back up, but for the foreseeable future, couples are choosing to honeymoon in different ways.


If you’ve already planned a honeymoon

Chances are, if your wedding has been planned for a little while now, you might have already planned your honeymoon, also. That’s okay! Check with your airline, but a lot of airlines have new flexible cancellation or rescheduling policies for affected travel. So, you might be able to postpone and reschedule your honeymoon for a later date, or take that credit and go somewhere else if your original destination is no longer an option.


If you have not planned a honeymoon yet

That’s okay, too! It gives you a little more freedom to look at alternative places to travel that might easier and safer. There’s a lot of options within the USA that might be a great alternative to the international trip you were hoping to take. If you were looking at the Caribbean then Hawaii, the Florida Keys or the Gulf Coast beaches in Florida can be just as beautiful. If you were going to do something more adventurous and scenery-focused like South America, check out Lake Tahoe, Sedona, or Colorado. Or swap out an Italy wine country honeymoon to California wine country. Put your creativity to the test!


If you aren’t ready to plan travel

Again, totally okay! We get it. That’s what staycations are for. Take a few extra days off work after the weekend and enjoy your first few days of being married together. Then, maybe you can take a trip to celebrate your five-year anniversary instead, assuming travel is safer at that point. And don’t worry, you can still make a staycation special. Enjoy quiet lunches together, take your time to cook a fancy meal with all your new fancy kitchen gear you got from your registry, carry out from your favorite restaurant or you could even book a night in a local hotel.


If you’re foregoing a honeymoon altogether

No, you don’t have to take a honeymoon or a staycation honeymoon! Take the money you would have spent and put it toward your first married purchase like a car or a house or a pet.


So, to summarize

1. Check cancellation policies of airlines and hotels before booking anything or for things you’ve already booked

2. Always have a plan B like a staycation or a drivable local destination as a back up honeymoon

3. Don’t feel pressured to honeymoon right now or at all. You can always go big for a one- or five-year anniversary trip



Photo credit: Three Region Photography