Each proposal story is different and unique, which is what makes them so special. But, to plan the perfect proposal takes a little bit of extra planning. 

Once you and your partner have discussed your future together and know you are both on the same page, you’ll know when you’re ready to take the first step of planning your proposal. As you are searching for the perfect ring, you’ll want to put together a plan for the perfect proposal. 

The first step in planning a perfect proposal is picking the right time. It doesn’t mean it’s the right time for you, but a very common time for proposing is holiday season. From Thanksgiving to Valentine’s Day is “engagement season.” There’s no real reason to that, but we’re sure it has something to do with the spirit of that time of year and the fact that it brings family and friends together. 

Aside from “engagement season,” another common time to plan a proposal is on a big trip you might have coming up. Whether it be a family trip or a romantic trip just the two of you, everything is always better on vacation!

In addition to the holidays and planned trips, another factor to consider is if you have discussed time of the year you want to actually get married. This will have an effect on how long your engagement will be. If you know you and your partner want a spring wedding and you propose on New Year’s Eve, that’s either going to be a super short engagement or a longer one. If that’s the case, you may want to consider proposing sooner. 

Whether you decide to propose on Christmas Eve or a trip you have planned in July, the earlier in the day or trip you propose the better. First and foremost, you don’t want to go all day long with something this big looming over your head (and sitting in your pocket!). Also, it would give you the rest of the day, holiday, trip (whatever it might be) to celebrate and bask in the engagement. 

Happy engagement season!

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Photo Credit: [Vetted] Abby Byrd Photography