You already know the benefits of having a virtual wedding and we’ve even answered your burning questions about live streaming a wedding, but when it comes down to planning your virtual wedding, you might be a little lost. We’ve put together the ultimate, step-by-step guide to planning a virtual wedding to help you out!


  1. Choose Your Platform

Do your research and hire a professional so you don’t sacrifice on quality. We’ve got the tips and tricks on how to find the best provider to live stream your wedding (although we’re a little biased toward LoveStream!) here.


  1. Invite Your Guests

Put together your guest list (or revisit your guest list… thanks COVID-19!). Make sure you follow the guidance in place for your state regarding gathering limits for wedding receptions if you plan to invite any guests to the in-person celebration. Bonus points… with LoveStream there is no limit to the number of guests you can invite virtually!


Stuck on wording your virtual wedding initiations? Check out our wording suggestions!


  1. Book Your Vendors

This will depend on if you are having any physical guests or if everyone will be virtual. You may still need a venue, rentals, DJ and catering for your in-person experience. Either way, you’ll still want to dress the part, hire a photographer to document it all and purchase a bouquet for your walk down the aisle. You may even want to still get your hair and makeup done and order a small cake to celebrate!


  1. Personalize It

Every wedding day should be personalized. Virtual weddings are no different. Amp up your virtual wedding with a gorgeous flower arch, mail (or email!) out a signature cocktail recipe to all your guests, appoint your dog as ring bearer… you get the idea!


We’ve got even more ideas on how to personalize your day to make it still feel special here.


  1. Make Sure It’s Legal

Make sure you work through the logistics of not just finding your officiant but figuring out the logistics and legality of it. Some states allow a virtual officiant right now, while other still require your officiant be in person with you. Then, of course, don’t forget the marriage license!


  1. Practice

With a virtual wedding, it’s almost more important to rehearse before the big day. You’ll want to make sure you perform an internet speed test, find the perfect angle for your camera to make sure your guests get a good view, share the timing of the camera switches with your tech team (hint, hint that’s us at LoveStream!), and make sure your equipment is functioning properly.


  1. Marry

When it comes time for the big day, remember what it’s all about… getting to marry the love of your life. This may be Plan B (or C!) for you but the important part is you are starting your life together. Original plans included a big reception? Then make a plan to celebrate later down the road… a big one-year party sounds great to us!


  1. Celebrate

Even if you are planning a big reception down the road, don’t forget to celebrate the moment! Share a virtual toast with your guests, slice a piece of cake (or two!), cook an intimate dinner… you just got married and you should soak it all up!

Looking for even more information on virtual weddings? Be sure to check out our wedding live streaming guide over at LoveStream!