When speaking with potential clients and those who have reached out, we are often asked, "What is the value in having a coordinator and your team?" Well, there is lots of value when hiring a wedding planner or coordinator! Weddings are a beast to plan with lots and lots of organization, time management, vendors to coordinate and design aspects. If you've never planned a wedding (which most haven't), then it can easily be overwhelming. Having someone who plans and coordinates for a living will ensure that the process is smooth, enjoyable, on-track and complete.


1. "The good life is one inspired by love and guided by KNOWLEDGE." - Bertrand Russell

I love this quote because that is exactly what wedding planners and coordinators have to offer. We are inspired by love and guided by knowledge. Having someone who has knowledge of the industry, process, trends, vendors, etc. is a huge value. Much like the medical world, the accounting world, the technology world (and all the other "worlds"), weddings certainly have their own as well. Just how the previously mentioned professions are foreign to me, weddings are to those who have not planned one. Like anyone would seek medical advice for pregnancy or accounting advice for starting a business, we recommend seeking advice and guidance from a professional with your wedding. Knowledge is key when planning a wedding. It will ensure that you have professional and dependable vendors who make your wedding day seamless. It will ensure that the planning process is executed in a certain order so that timelines, hours, designs and details all match up. It will ensure that those small details that are often overlooked are not forgotten (like wedding party transportation, flower delivery in time for photos, vendor meals in your headcount, tips, etc.) And it will ensure that the flow, atmosphere and experience of the evening is exactly what you want for your special day and guest!


2. "The only source of knowledge is EXPERIENCE." - Albert Einstein

Experience is another major value because it goes hand in hand with knowledge. With every wedding, we learn something. Whether it is how something worked best, how something could have worked better or a way to prepare for/adapt to a new "surprise" that comes up. After each wedding, we sit down and process it from top to bottom and assess how we can be even more organized, even more prepared and even more fast-thinking next time. Although I have been in the wedding industry for seven years, each wedding is different and is a learning experience. We also value client feedback and typically ask if there were any areas that they felt we lacked so that we can grow and learn. Experience allows us to best prepare a client's timeline, flow/layout at their specific venue, vendor team and quickly and efficiently handle any last-minute surprises, which we all know there always are (no matter how organized and prepared you are).


3. "Find COMFORT in the chaos." - Unknown

Much like with any life situation, it is so comforting to know that someone has been through it, can relate and has your back! A wedding planner is here to help ensure your day and the planning process is seamless, which is very comforting to clients. We give our clients our best to ensure that they are comfortable, happy and on track from the time of booking, until even after the wedding. We join them for vendor meetings to ensure vital questions are asked. We review contracts and quotes to ensure that they are booking vendors with their best interest and budget in mind. We assure them that they are in a great place as far as their planning timeline and we also provide tough love when they are not. We are also a wonderful "outside / professional opinion" when all their loved ones are involved. I can't tell you how many clients have said, "I always feel so much better and have peace of mind after we speak or meet." We want to be your comfort. We want to be there as a resource when you're feeling overwhelmed, clueless, stuck, excited, frustrated, happy, etc. (because you will go through the emotional rollercoaster). But let us be there to guide you, comfort you and make you laugh and smile along the way (and on the day-of!).


4. "LITTLE THINGS make big days." - Isabel Marant

This quote is so true, little things do make big days and that is our specialty! Wedding planners love the "little things." Not only do we keep the little things in mind while planning and preparing, but we also keep them in mind and take care of them on the day-of. We're there for whatever little things you have and/or need. Here are some "little things" that we take care of on the day-of...

  • Setting up: cake topper, favors, programs, guestbook, table numbers, champagne flutes, cake knife and server, photos, signs, place cards, exit items, light candles, distribute tips, etc.
  • Vendor communication: Day-of contact, set up needs, ensure all vendors are on the same page as far as timeline/changes through constant communication, etc.
  • Damage Control: Discretely, quickly and efficiently find solutions for any last-minute surprises.
  • Guest Guidance: Help guide guest to designated areas for highlighted events, answer any questions and ensure guest know what is going on and where to go, coordinate guest with exit items.
  • Client/Wedding Party Guidance: Pin boutonnieres, line wedding party up and cue for processional, timeline guidance, assist with photo needs (like tossing the veil to get that perfect wind shot), cake cutting demonstration, bride/groom periodic check-ins, bustle bride's dress. ensure toast/speeches have heads up and are ready, highlighted events direction, ensure parents are there for highlighted events, etc.
  • Flips/Décor: Flip tables/chairs for dance floor space, flip bridal bouquets for repurposed decor, flip gifts/cards to designated area, flip luggage to exit car, etc.
  • Clean Up: Ensure all client items are neatly packed away in a designated car or room, ensure vendors clean-up to venue standards, assist vendors with clean up, ensure vendors are out within contracted time.


In addition to knowledge, experience, comfort and the little things, wedding planners and coordinators simply work their butts off in an effort to make their client's special day perfect. Who wouldn't want that? We are typically the first ones there and the last ones to leave (other than the venue, of course). On the average wedding day, we are giving our 120% for 12-14 hours straight, as well as countless hours beforehand throughout the planning process. AND we are happy to do so! Because we love and value our clients and we love and value what we do.  


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