At some dress shops, you do not need an appointment, and at others you do. While an appointment is always recommended, if you plan to go on a Saturday definitely make one for peace of mind. So how far out should you make that appointment? Not sure who to bring with you? Or what to ask at the appointment? Don’t worry, we’re covering all of that here!


When to go 

You should start wedding dress shopping around the 10 month mark. Any earlier and you might second guess yourself and any later and you might feel rushed.

Make sure you make your appointments far enough in advance and don’t schedule too many for the same day. When you make the appointment, ask how long the appointment is but expect it could take an average of an hour and a half. We suggest no more than two appointments in a day, it may seem silly, but dress shopping can be draining! It’s no easy feat getting in and out of several dresses and having to compare all the looks. 


Who to bring

Before deciding who to bring, when you make an appointment, ask if there's a limitation to the number of people you can have with you. Even if there is not a limit, you should still limit it yourself. Too many people mean too many opinions. 

Two to four people is the ideal number you should bring. You want to bring the people who are most important to you and are going to be super supportive like your mom, grandma, sister, best friend and/or future mother-in-law. 


What to know

Before heading to your dress shopping appointment there are a few things to think about. The obvious is style. Have some pictures of different dresses you like, but make sure you go into the appointment with an open mind. You shouldn’t rule anything out! 

Also, it is important to know your budget, if you have one. It could be very heartbreaking to try on a dress and fall in love with it, only to find out it’s far over your budget. 

Lastly, start thinking about if you want to do bridal portraits. If you decide to do them, you will need to have your dress done and ready ahead of the wedding so that is something to keep in mind.  


Questions to ask

It can be distracting to look in the mirror at all the pretty dresses you are trying on, but don’t forget to ask these key questions to be sure you’ve thought about everything!

  • Will there be enough time to order this dress and do alterations before your wedding date or bridal portrait date?
  • Are alterations offered in house?
  • How many fittings do you usually do?
  • Can you customize the dress at all – add sleeves, add pockets, sew a piece of your mom’s old dress in, etc.?


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Photo Credit: Lindsey Gettig Photography