There are certain things people expect a wedding planner to do. Things like build your wedding timeline, find you vendors, bring your vision to life, tell people when to walk down the aisle. But there’s so much more to it. Between the big things you expect your planner to do and the little things you wouldn’t have even thought about, it’s clear that planners are irreplaceable. And just in case you were wondering, here are a few things most planners will do for you that you probably wouldn’t have thought twice about until it came down to it.


Proofread Your Invitations

An extra set of eyes is always a good thing and a planner will 99% of the time catch something you didn’t. Things will need to be capitalized that you didn’t know about and numbers should be words sometimes, too.


Light Your Candles

There are almost always candles included in wedding reception décor. Likely, your florist will have been the one to provide the candles, but the florist can’t light them at 3pm when they are setting up, they wouldn’t last all night. So, who is going to light them just before guests enter at 5pm? Enter, your wedding planner.


Bustle Your Dress

Remember at your final fitting when your seamstress was showing you how your bustle works and all you could do was stare at how gorgeous your dress was in the mirror? Yeah, well imagine on wedding day having to explain to your mom or Maid of Honor how to do the bustle when you don’t even remember yourself. Luckily, planners have seen a lot of bustles in their experience and can usually figure out almost any bustle you throw their way!


Repurpose Your Bridesmaids Bouquets

Don’t let your bridesmaids’ bouquets go to waste! Whether you planned to use them ahead of time as repurposed centerpieces or not, your planner will ensure they get used or place them where you designated.


Place Your Menu Cards

You worked hard to design pretty menu cards to match the aesthetic of the rest of the room, make sure they are seen! Your wedding planner might not place them if catering is setting the tables, but they sure as heck will make sure they make their way onto the tables!


Dry Off Your Bouquet

When your bouquet is delivered by your florist, it will likely be in a vase of water to preserve the longevity. Meaning when you go to take it out for pictures or to walk down the aisle, the bottoms are still going to be wet and you might not think about that. Instead of accidentally getting your dress wet, you’ll have a planner who will dry it off for you before you go to reach for it. They will always be one step ahead of you!


Hold Your Rings

How are your rings going to make it from your getting ready location to your ceremony location? What about into the pockets of the best man? Who is going to make sure the best man has them before he walks down the aisle? Your planner!


Schedule Time to Sign Your Marriage License

You don’t want to forget to do the one thing that makes this whole thing legal! Instead of having it be an afterthought, your planner will actually build in time into your timeline to allow for the signing.


Bring You a Drink
Whether you are busy taking pictures or finally had a minute to sit down and eat, your planner will make sure there is a nice glass of bubbly or freshly poured drink in front of you when you need it most!


Make Sure You Eat

And to that point, your planner will make it a point to make sure you eat. They will make sure the food gets to your table without you having to make it happen.


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Photo credit [vetted]: The Beaufort Hotel