Wedding planning can be stressful enough, don’t let registering for wedding gifts become stressful, too! Instead, be prepared and think about what you need ahead of time and let us help by letting you know what not to forget when registering! We know you’ll remember the usual things like pots and pans, glassware and the coveted KitchenAid mixer, but don’t forget the other things you can add!


A List

Okay, this sounds silly, you don’t actually register for a list. But you don’t want to forget to make a list to register with. If you go into the store or start looking online without some sort of guidelines of what you want or need, you’ll easily become overwhelmed. And what is supposed to be a fun part of wedding planning is now adding more stress. So, take our word for it and don’t forget to make a list.



Hopefully, you’ll get to take a honeymoon at some point. So, why not pick out new luggage to use? It’s the perfect time to upgrade your current baggage!



Registering gives you the chance to start fresh with things you might already have and aren’t even thinking about replacing. But why not? There’s nothing like sleeping on a fresh set of sheets! Already love your sheets? Spruce up your guest bedroom! Or get some new decorative pillows!


Dutch Oven

Everyone always remembers the usuals like the KitchenAid mix or the Vitamix, but don’t sleep on the Dutch oven! You’ll be thanking yourself come winter time when you make all of the chilis and soups in it!



Again, something you probably already have but why not upgrade? Pick out some extra plush, extra fluffy and maybe a little more expensive than you would buy yourself type of towels. Because why not?



Not the most traditional thing for a registry, but a vacuum is the perfect thing to add. Especially since it’s probably something you would hate to have to buy yourself!


Decorative Items

Don’t be shy when it comes to adding decorative items to your registry. You’re trying to make a home for you and your partner, and that comes with decorative items! Think picture frames, wall art, lamps, vases, etc. Anything to help enhance your space!



Photo credit: Stag and Sparrow