Every wedding type needs music. Whether it’s just ceremony music or a full reception playlist, choosing the right music for your wedding is important. We had Metropolitan Players, a youthful, energetic wedding band based in New York City on this week’s podcast to help us chat through how to choose the right music for your wedding day. Founders Drew and Erin Cole gave us their top three tips all couples should follow wedding choosing their wedding music.  

Take a Trip Down Memory Lane

“Look at your story first, look at memories, look at your past and try to choose something that's really meaningful to you,” said the founders of Metropolitan Players.

The songs you hear throughout your wedding day are going to sit with you for a long time. Choosing music that already reminds you of happy memories will just add to that feeling for years to come. Also, knowing there is meaning behind your song choices will make things more special and will keep your guests “aw-ing”.

Trust Your Entertainer

Like with all wedding vendors, leave it to the professionals. There’s a reason professionals exist and there’s a reason why you hired that professional. They’ve done this a time or two and usually know the ins and outs.

“If you've done your due diligence and chosen a vendor that knows what they're doing, trust them,” said the Metropolitan Players founders. “They're the experts, they'll be able to guide you through the process and help choose music where you're not sure where to look.”

Consider Your Guests

Yes, it’s your wedding day and the day should be all about you and your fiancé. However, chances are you want to have a good time with your friends and family. That’s why you invited them! So, if there’s something that will ruin your night if you hear it, of course don’t play it, but just because you don’t prefer Neil Diamond’s Sweet Caroline, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t play it because it’s always a crowd pleaser!

“We'd suggest, in the dancing portion of the reception, choose a mix between the stuff that you really love and the things you know your guests are going to love. The goal is really to get people on the dance floor, to make some memories, and have a really amazing time,” they explained. “And so, by choosing things that not only you love but you know your guests are going to love, you're sort of going to ensure a really, really awesome night where people will leave feeling like, wow, that was the best wedding I ever went to. And I think that's what every couple wants, is everyone to leave being like, wow, your wedding was the best.”



Looking for a wedding band? Be sure to check out Metropolitan Players and our other vetted vendors!