When it comes to picking a wedding photographer, it is important to pick and hire the right photographer for you and your style. You only get one chance to capture your wedding day so make sure the person you hire is up for the challenge. The tips below should help you find the wedding photographer of your dreams:

1) You Like Them As A Person

You could have the best photographer in the world, but, if you do not feel relaxed around them, your portraits will be average at best. Ideally, you want your photographer to be as excited about your wedding as you are. Finding someone that is looking forward to and passionate about capturing your day, will make you feel relaxed in front of the camera with the ability to know they are going to do a great job. 


2) You Love Their Style

There are hundreds of photographers nationwide, each with their own different style. From light and airy, to dark and moody, to documentary, to traditional. It is important to find a photographer that will document your wedding how you would like it documented, and, capture photographs that will be true to who y'all are as a couple. 

A good way to get a sense of a photographer's style is not just through social media, but, to ask to see a full wedding gallery. This way you will see what a wedding looks like from start to finish, not just their best work or highlights on their blog.


3) You Trust Them

This point goes along with points one and two above; if you love being around them and love their work, you will trust them to capture your special day. When you feel confident with your choice of a photographer, the photographer can offer recommendations to make your photographs even better that you will trust. 

Looking at other bride's reviews, for example on Bustld, will help with this aspect.