Wedding speeches… they’ve been a plot point of many romantic comedies. From Bridesmaids to The Five-Year Engagement to The Wedding Singer, movies have always tackled the wedding speeches that are so bad they’re funny. But remember, this is real life, not a romantic comedy. If you stand up in front of a room full of wedding guests and embarrass the now not-so-happy couple, it’s going to have lasting implications on your friendship. So, heed our advice below on how to give a great wedding speech! If you’re a bride or groom, send this article to your toast-makers so they know the expectation!


Don’t drink beforehand.

If you’re going to get drunk at a wedding, just make sure it’s after you give your speech! Even just visiting the bartenders once during cocktail hour will have you feeling a little bolder than normal, and it can derail your speech or make you say something you’ll regret.


Practice your speech.

Run through your speech with a buddy before delivering it at the wedding. Not only will this have another pair of ears to make sure it sounds okay, but also will let you know about how long it will be. Unless otherwise directed by the wedding couple, keep your speech under five minutes.


Stick to the script.

We assume you have your speech written down. Trust us, you don’t want to wing it. Have your speech in front of you and read it as you wrote it. Don’t try to improvise.


Give lots of thanks!

It’s always nice in a wedding speech to give a shoutout to anyone who has been a big help to the wedding, especially the wedding planner, caterers, bartenders, and anyone else who is actively at the wedding venue while giving your speech. You can also shout out the couples’ parents if they helped to pay for the event. We recommend doing this before your main speech so the rest can be more sentimental.


It’s a toast, not a roast.

Even if you think you’re being funny, don’t roast the couple. You can keep the speech lighthearted and fun, but don’t make fun of the couple or bring up embarrassing things about them. It’s their special day!


Don’t expose the couple.

Say you’re the best man, and you knew that the groom was dating other people when he started his relationship with the bride. Or maybe the bride confided in you that she hates her engagement ring. You don’t need to bring all that up here, or ever!


Avoid touchy topics.

Weddings are often attended by a wide range of people, from grandparents to your sorority sisters to your work friends. Not everyone is going to appreciate a Saturday Night Live-style commentary on the political climate. Avoid things that generally sow division, and stick with things that bring people together – like love!


Talk about the couple as a whole.

If you’re the maid of honor, make sure to not just talk about how great the bride is. Talk about her boo, too! They are leaving their single lives behind and continuing forward as a united pair, so make sure to give some props to both spouses and their relationship as a whole.


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