This seems to be a question more and more brides are asking. With the “bad luck” faux pau of seeing one another before the ceremony in the rearview mirror, a first look is becoming more and more common for couples now a days. There are pros and cons to be considered with both options, so to help you figure out if a first look is right for you, we are breaking it down!


To First Look


That first moment when a groom sees his bride for the first time can be quite emotional and that may be something you want to keep between the two of you. If you all are a little more private, it may be best to keep this moment private. It will also help calm the nervous jitters you may or may not have. 

Doing a first look will help – considerably – with you wedding day photography timeline. If you see one another before the ceremony, you are likely able to get most of your bridal party pictures and even some family pictures done. This frees up a lot more time after the ceremony during cocktail hour to breeze through what is left of pictures and maybe even enjoy cocktail hour for a little bit.



If you do a first look, it will help get more pictures done earlier, but you will need to start pictures a little earlier than you would without a first look. This means getting started with hair and makeup maybe a little earlier than you would like.

People like your parents or maybe that special aunt or uncle who may have wanted to see the looks on your faces when you saw each other for the first time will miss out (but remember, your photographer will get amazing pictures to share!).


To Not First Look


Keep the tradition alive - well, if you aren’t Jewish that is! No first look follows the age old tradition that it is bad luck to see each other before hand. Also, this way all those important people in your life will get to share in the special moment with you and see firsthand that first look at one another.

On the contrary to starting early to get a first look and photographs done, you might be able to start a little bit later in the morning since you won’t need as much time for pictures pre-ceremony.



Your emotions will be on total display, so before deciding on a first look consider how vulnerable that moment may be for you and if you are comfortable sharing it. 

Since you won’t be able to do any pictures (aside from with just your bridesmaids) before the ceremony, all the pictures will need to be post-ceremony. This means there is almost a zero percent chance you will get to enjoy any of cocktail hour.


You can also do a first look with your dad, grandpa, mom or bridesmaids to help ease the nerves and for lots of picture perfect moments!


Photo Credit: Piper Warlick Photography