If you know me, you know I am a firm believer that weddings are about community. Coming together to celebrate the union of two people and their new life together is not to be taken lightly, but weddings are also about having an enjoyable time and this is where the topic of having kids at your wedding often comes up. Can you really have a good time if there are little ones running around? Who is watching them? Are they having a good time if they are having to watch the kids? Are the kids even having a good time? It’s possible! But is it what YOU want?



So, your sister has three kids, your bestie just had a baby, and your cousin and her children are inseparable… I get it. But these people, despite your love for them, do not determine your wedding plans. If you and your partner love children, come from a close-knit family and would never even think of a wedding where those tiny smiling faces didn’t get to eat cake, then you may not have even been looking for this post. But if you’re on the fence, are figuring out how to make it work, or want an honest set of pros and cons: you are in the right spot. 



There are lots of ways to make having little ones at the wedding a success, but just like every other aspect of the event – it involves planning! Having a wedding themed coloring book, providing a cup with a lid to avoid spills, and getting a babysitter who takes them to another room to watch a movie when it’s time for their parents to get on the dance floor are great ways to ensure moms get to share the experience with their little ones and enjoy themselves! Plus, who doesn’t like tiny happy faces in mini bow ties! 



On the other hand, some venues, events styles, and couples are just not suited for a kid-friendly wedding. If you want an elegant black-tie event, little Suzie doing laps around the dance floor while that pastor is giving the blessing may not be what you had in mind. I once had a flower girl barking like a dog through the father of the bride’s entire speech while her mother looked on and giggled. Not ideal! The idea that kids aren’t invited generally gets people stirred up so be ready to stand firm in your decision. Go ahead and prepare yourself that these parents may not stay for the whole event or even come at all. But rest assured, there will be a far smaller chance that someone is on the dance floor with their pants off! 


Let’s break down the pros and cons: 

Yeah Kids!


Hard Pass on the Kids






Happy Parent


Adorable dance moves from tiny people 

Encumbered Parent


Kids running around 


Child barking like a dog during speeches


No crying babies during ceremony


Not paying for child care

Your friends may not come




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Photo by Stacey K Photo.