Planning a wedding takes a lot of time. Planning a wedding, while working a full-time job takes even more time. Planning a wedding, working a full-time job and fitting in normal life can seem impossible if you don’t know how to manage your time correctly.


When we had the chance to have entrepreneur and business coach, Candice Coppola on our podcast we had to pick her brain on the top time management tips she used in her former wedding planning business and she currently uses for her wedding industry business clients.


  1. Get clear about your relationship with time.

It might be hard to admit, but not everyone has a realistic understanding of time. Some people say they’re only five minutes away, when they are actually 25 minutes away. Some people say they need an hour to get ready but are ready in 15. Whichever end of the spectrum you are at, recognizing it is the first step to successful time management, according to Candice.


So just a little deep dive, we all have relationships with things, and we all have beliefs around things like time, like money, I could go on and on. But I think the first step in having some better time management in your life is just to get clear about what your beliefs are with time and what your relationship is with time. Once you can identify that, you can start to look at how you can make some changes so that you can use time better.”


  1. Outsource anything that is outside of your “Genius Zone.”

Coming from a past , you may think that just sounds like a ploy to get more business, but it’s the truth. Everyone has a weakness and there’s a reason everyone’s weakness and strong points are different. What you are bad at or dislike, someone else is really good at and loves to do. Let them help you. Take it from Candice.


“Hire a pro to come in and help you plan your wedding. If you're a pro listening, start outsourcing some of that work that is important, but it does not require you to do it because there are people who love to do what you hate. They've built entire businesses around that notion.”


  1. Say no.

It’s in some peoples’ nature to always say yes. We think it’s being helpful, but sometimes it’s not only hurtful to you, it’s hurtful to the people you said “yes” to. Candice said it best.


“You feel like you always have to say ‘yes’ because you want to be liked or you want to be helpful, but somebody who has a good relationship with time and good time management understands that saying no is part of that. When you say no to something, you actually give the other person a gift because if you're not able to show up in your fullest breadth or your fullest self to something and you say no to that person, that allows them to go find the right person who can do that job or who can volunteer for that position or whatever it is. It's also being protective of your time and I think we need to be more protective of our time and how much time we give others.”

Listen to the full episode with Candice HERE.


About this week’s guest: As a successful entrepreneur who grew a business from the spare bedroom of her home into a multi-country, multi-six figure company, Candice Coppola has navigated the bumpy road of entrepreneurship. After hosting events and mentoring wedding pros for over 8 years, she sold her company in 2019 so she could help others build the business they truly want. She has written and published two books, been featured as an expert in The New York Times and CBS and has been a guest on several other podcasts.