Top-3 Tips for Re-Selling Your Wedding Dress and Décor

To buy or to rent? If you bought a lot of your wedding decorations, you might be left wondering what on earth to do with 30 white tablecloths or 150 place settings. Thankfully, Snag My Wedding has some advice on reselling those wedding items you won’t need again.

We chatted with Tammy Bowser, founder of Snag My Wedding, on the podcast and asked her to provide her top three pieces of wisdom when it comes to selling wedding décor after the big day.


1. A picture is worth 1000 words.

When reselling your wedding dress, bridesmaid’s dresses, table settings, vases, or anything in that realm, the quality of your pictures is so important.

Tammy says, “Get in good lighting, open a window or two if you have to and take that photo. Your phone is just as great as any other camera, so you use your phone, wipe that camera off, get the photo.”


2. Have your photographer help with pictures.

You hired your wedding photographer for the big event, so who better to capture the beauty and style of your wedding décor? Your photographer can not only capture individual details but can also capture the wedding as a whole for anyone who wants to snag your entire wedding, from dresses to tablecloths.

Tammy says, “Let your photographer know upfront [that you plan to resell items]. It is not too much trouble for them to get some close-ups of the details of your dress, and your shoes, and bridesmaids dresses. Imagine all those bridesmaids’ dresses in the closet. Imagine agreeing upfront as a bridesmaid that you’re going to sell this in a lot; that's what we did with the wedding that I was in.”


3. Think about reselling the wedding before it even happens.

Plan on selling your wedding décor before your wedding even takes place. Tammy suggests creating your account on Snag My Wedding before your event, listing your items, and notating what date they will be available. That way you don’t have to worry about it while enjoying newlywed life, and your items will still be in season when you list them. This will also help you to feel better about your wedding budget as a while.

Tammy says, “The average wedding is around $30,000, so imagine you going in spending that and you already know you're getting $15,000 back because you've resold pretty much everything. That would make me very happy.”


Are you planning on reselling your wedding dress or décor? Listen to the rest of Tammy’s tips on our “Every Day I’m Bustlin’” podcast by clicking here.


Photo credit: Amelya Jayne Photography LLC